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The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2, Directive (EU) 2015/2366, which replaced the Payment Services Directive (PSD), Directive 2007/64/EC) is an ive, administered by the European Commission (Directorate General Internal Market) to regulate payment services and payment service providers throughout the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) PSD2 was first brought in at a European level in 2015, but members of the EU have until 2018 to implement it - which is why it matters now. What are the key changes? PSD2 will break down the bank's monopoly on their user's data

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För dig som tar emot kortbetalningar via Orusts Sparbank har vi sammanställt det viktigaste du behöver veta inför det nya direktivet. Informationen kring PSD2 uppdateras löpande baserat på besked från EU och lagstiftningen i respektive land PSD2, det andra betaltjänstdirektivet, är en stor utmaning för bankerna. De kommer snart att få konkurrens av många nya aktörer inom finansiella tjänster Payment services (PSD 2) - Directive (EU) 2015/2366. Law details. Information about Directive (EU) 2015/2366 including date of entry into force and a link to the summary. Amending and supplementary acts. Implementing and delegated acts. Implementation. Implementation by EU countries PDS Username: Password: Designed by GAREY Agencia WebGAREY Agencia We

Usługi kurierskie - szybkie i tanie przesyłki - Patron Service - W ofercie Patron service szybkie i terminowe dostarczanie paczek i listów, zarówno w kraju jak i za granicą. Gwarantujemy, że Twoja przesyłka dotrze na czas Payment services, single euro payments area (SEPA) and e-money Payment services The European Commission is working to create an efficient and integrated market for payment services in the EU Please enter your PDS User Name or e-mail address: You will recieve an e-mail with further instructions to complete the request of new password エチコンの主要製品である縫合糸には、様々なケースに対応する幅広いラインアップを揃えています。従来の製品に加えて、2009年には抗菌縫合糸を導入いたしました Ab dem 13. Januar gilt die PSD2-Richtlinie. Sie raubt Banken das Monopol beim Zugriff auf Kontodaten - und soll unser Banking bequemer, billiger und sicherer machen. Experten erwarten die.

c3controls offers a comprehensive line of high quality, cost effective non-fused disconnect switches. Available in a wide variety of operating handle styles and colors. Get same day shipping on your orders 真皮縫合を行うことで、創縁にかかる持続的な緊張を減張させ表層の炎症を抑え瘢痕化を軽減する。 創傷治癒の過程でコラーゲンの生成が最大となる6週の間、抗張力が保持される必要がある PSD2 es una regulación europea en los servicios de pagos digitales. Este sistema facilita los pagos en toda Europa con mayor seguridad y rapidez

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  2. PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) was approved by the European Parliament with the main objectives of securing e-payments and expanding the financial services ecosystem. In this video we briefly.
  3. Mats Eklund kommer närmast från Folkhälsomyndigheten där han arbetat som it-chef i cirka 3,5 år. Han har där bland annat haf
  4. A partir del 14 de septiembre la forma en que se compra por Internet debe cambiar. El próximo sábado entra en vigor en España la normativa europea PSD2, que promete reforzar la se
  5. We study the electronic, mechanical, and optical properties of the monolayer PdS2, PdSe2, and PtSe2 under mechanical strains of various magnitudes and directions. It is found that the band structures of these materials are more sensitive to biaxial strains. Moreover, the Young's modulus of all three materials are calculated in the a and b directions
  6. Planet Deep South is an interdisciplinary conference open to all scholars, artists, and students that explore the intellectual and creative expression of African people through a series of presentations and panel discussions designed to inspire the inquiry of Africana cultural production through a digital, historical and speculative lens
  7. PSD2 is een nieuwe Europese richtlijn voor betaaldiensten. De richtlijn moet zorgen voor meer concurrentie en innovatie. Wat betekent dit voor consumenten

The EU's revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) could revolutionize the payments industry when the EU member states implement it into national laws in 2018. Bjørn Søland, technical expert at identity and security company Nexus Group, explains the directive and its consequences in 3 minutes NCC Leverantörsportal. Effektivare inköp med rak kommunikation. Leverantörsportalen är ett stöd för att underlätta samarbetet och hantering av dokument mellan NCC och våra leverantörer i samband med upphandling

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How to draft a Shawl Collar by using a Basic Dress Block. PDS2- Shawl Collar FD. Loading... Unsubscribe from FD? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 569 EUR-Lex - 32015L2366 - EN Document 32015L2366. Help; Print this page; Text Document information National transposition Document summary Save to My items Permanent link Bookmark this item; Download notice Follow this document Table of contents Hide Table of contents. Expand all. The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched today a consultation on its draft Guidelines specifying the information to be provided by applicants intending to obtain authorisation as payment and electronic money institutions as well as to register as account information service providers under the revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2).These Guidelines are in support of the objective of. Ventilation and temperature controller with LCD display and Modbus communication. Constant temperature or reset control. 0..10Vdc, 3-point 24Vac or Thermic actuator support. Remote setpoint option (TEHR-PT1000-PDS2). 24Vac power supply. DIN-rail mounted. LCD display shows current readings. Programming via LCD and touch buttons

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The proposed Regulatory Technical Standards on strong customer authentication and secure communication are key to achieving the objective of the PSD2 of enhancing consumer protection, promoting innovation and improving the security of payment services across the European Union.Document Glöm signaturer och magnetremsa - från och med den 14 september blir det meckigare att betala med kort. Anledningen är EU:s nya betaltjänstdirektiv, som ska göra kortbetalningar säkrare. PSD2 v kostce: Detailní pohled na novou evroou směrnic

  1. Welcome to our free PDF to Word converter! Converting PDFs in editable Word documents has never been as easy: Step 1: To get started, drag & drop your PDF on the upload box or click on it to select a file. Step 2: The conversion to .docx will start now and should not take longer than 30 seconds. Step 3: Done! Press Download to get your Word document in the .docx format instantly
  2. PDS2 - Pacman. Trabalho final da disciplina Programação e Desenvolvimento de Software 2 - UFMG. Grupo: Keller Clayderman Gráficos, Arte, Gameplay, A
  3. c3controls PDS2-360-PHGRY11 - BTO Non-fused Disconnect Switch Panel/Base Mount 63A, 3 Pole Red/YellowType 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13, and IP65 Operating Handle 11.1 c3controls PDS2-340-PHMGB11 - BTO Non-fused Disconnect Switch Panel/Base Mount 40A, 3 Pole Grey/Black Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13, and IP65 Operating Handle 11.
  4. The PDS2-M unregulated dc-dc converter series is a family of 2 W isolated modules designed to offer improved efficiency, higher isolation, and superior thermal performance. Housed in a compact SMT package and featuring an ultra-wide -40 to +105 °C operating temperature range, these low power dc-dc converters are ideal for high volume applications in the industrial, security, machine control.
  5. Die Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie (Abkürzung PSD von englisch Payment Services Directive) - genauer Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie 2007/64/EG, ersetzt durch die zweite Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie (EU) 2015/2366 (Abkürzung PSD2) - ist eine EU-Richtlinie der Europäischen Kommission im Zahlungsdiensterecht zur Regulierung von Zahlungsdiensten und Zahlungsdienstleistern in der gesamten Europäischen.
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  1. Keywords: TPP, AIS, AISP, PIS, PISP, PIIS, PIISP, Kontoinformationsdienst, Zahlungsauslösedienst, Deckungsabfragedienst, XS2A, Drittdiensteschnittstelle, PSDII, PSD2.
  2. PSD2 - What changes? 30 May 2016 19. 36. 3. With the adoption of the revised payments directive (PSD2), the European Parliament mandated a revolution in the european payment industry. Under the.
  3. Reparationsinformation för P1258-kod. Lär dig vad P1258 Pedal Correlation PDS1 och PDS2 betyder

Mit der neuen Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie PSD2 (Payment Services Directive2) können nicht nur Kreditinstitute, sondern auch Drittdienstleister eigene Services rund um das Konto anbieten The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) follows in the footsteps of PSD, adopted in 2007, and is a fundamental stage in the implementation of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). PSD2 opens the market to new payment actors and extends the scope of services. In doing so, it increases competition with the aim of makin The Central Bank of Ireland will continue to engage with the EBA and other National Competent Authorities in the European Union in relation to this issue, aiming to agree a harmonised approach to the migration time periods across the European Union. The Central Bank of Ireland will continue to communicate on this issue as it develops The PlayStation 2 (officially branded as PS2) is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was first released in Japan on March 4, 2000, in North America on October 26, 2000, and in Europe and Australia on November 24, 2000, and is the successor to the original PlayStation, as well as the second installment in the PlayStation console line-up The future of financial services is under pressure from profound digital disruption. Across the globe, there are forces, both regulatory and customer-led, that open up the market to new entrants and disrupt what customers are buying —..

FCA finalises revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) requirements Press Releases Published: 19/09/2017 Last updated: 19/09/2017 PSD2 is an EU Directive which sets requirements for firms that provide payment services, and will affect banks and building societies, payment institutions, e-money institutions and their customers Whether you work in the public sector, a bank or in retail, the question remains the same. And today's solutions are found in the beautiful world of technology. Join us in the hunt for your next digital solution!

Open Banking (aka PSD2) forces the biggest UK banks to open up their precious data, which could mean big changes for the way we use money. Our need-to-know Open Banking guide explains what the. Debe disponer de los permisos pertinentes para acceder a esta página. Por favor, autentifíquese If this is the first time logging into the PDS2 website you will need to set up a password to allow access. OR. If you've forgotten your password or your password has expired. Then enter your Login ID above and click the Set / Reset button below. Soon after you will receive an email to your registered email address with further instruction

CUI Inc │ SERIES: PDS2-M │ DESCRIPTION: DC-DC CONVERTER date 08/13/2015 │ page 4 of 7 MECHANICAL parameter conditions/description min typ max units dimensions 12.70 x 11.20 x 7.25 (0.500 x 0.441 x 0.285 inch) mm case material epoxy resin (UL94-V0) weight 1.6 g MECHANICAL DRAWING Front View Top View Side View Top View PCB Layout PIN. Kynix will provide you the global and original PDS2-'s Stock Information, Reference Price, Package Lot No., etc, Free PDF Datasheet Download. You will view the photos of products from stock suppliers. The Engineers will enjoy the small batch ordering service for PDS2- from stock suppliers here.Overall Honesty Integrating System will help you order PDS2- with more confidence, Please order PDS2. USING PDS2 - SUBMITTING REQUESTS - EQUIPMENT 4 of 14 Step 3 - Complete the Capital Request Entry screen • Type your Department ID in the space provided and click Enter. o Contact your Department Manager, Business Manager, or AHD if you do not kno

PDS II Sutures are prepared from the polyester, poly (p-dioxanone). 1 PDS II Sutures are indicated for use in soft tissue approximation, including use in pediatric cardiovascular tissue where growth is expected to occur and ophthalmic surgery. PDS II Suture is not indicated in adult cardiovascular tissue, microsurgery and neural tissue. 1 These sutures are particularly useful where the. PdS2 crystallizes in the orthorhombic Pbca space group. The structure is two-dimensional and consists of two PdS2 sheets oriented in the (0, 0, 1) direction. Pd4+ is bonded in a square co-planar geometry to four equivalent S2- atoms. There are two shorter (2.34 Å) and two longer (2.35 Å) Pd-S bond lengths. S2- is bonded in a distorted trigonal non-coplanar geometry to two equivalent Pd4. The sequence allows the SuperC program to compare two input data sets and generates a line compare CHANGE type listing to the spool output queue and a separate UPDCNTL update control data set output using source columns 2 through 72 PCSX2 uses .P2S files for saved states (or files without an extension in earlier versions of the software).. NOTE: Sharkport, a PlayStation 2 accessory, also uses the .ps2 extension, but for saved games instead of memory card images. Therefore, if you receive a PS2 file, you may need to test for both PCSX2 and Sharkport file types

W listopadzie 2015 r. Parlament Europejski uchwalił dyrektywę regulującą rynek płatności - Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD 2), która zastąpi dotychczasową dyrektywę PSD Please call Thermax Inc. Actual performance may vary. This product and/ or data was designed ped by Thermax Inc. and shall not be used in any way injurious to the interests of Thermax Inc. Title: PDS2.2.ai Author: Jodie Olson Created Date The first Payment Services Directive (EU) 2007/64/EC (PSD1), which came into force in 2009, established common rules for certain types of electronic payments, such as credit transfers, direct debits, card payments, and mobile and online payments. Directive 2015/2366/EU on payment services (PSD2) updates and complements the rules set out in PSD1 and takes new providers of innovative payment. The IBM® i Information Center offers Portable Document Format (PDF) files for viewing or printing the following topics. Users of the IBM i Information Center must first read and agree with the terms and conditions for downloading and printing publications.. If you are looking for a specific PDF that is not listed in the table, see the list of additional reference manuals

PSD2 in a nutshell | n.4. Birchstrasse 160 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon Tel: +41 58 792 14 97 Mobil: +41 79 894 58 73 E-mail: guenther.dobrauz@ch.pwc.com Günther Dobrauz Partner, Leader Legal FS Regulatory & Compliance Services Your Contacts Birchstrasse 160 8050 Zurich-Oerliko APIs for PSD2 (XS2A) Services. equensWorldline encourages the application and usage of our APIs. We do so, because we want you to take advantage of our efforts and to support you in your endeavor to economically and efficiently develop creative and attractive ways to incorporate Payments and Account Information and other services in your business apps

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We design and manufacture standard industrial control products that meet global industry specifications for quality & performance. All products carry a limited lifetime warrany and guaranteed same-day shipping on orders Explaining PSD2 without TLAs is tough! 12th January 2018. by: Anne Boden. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn. Subscribe to blog updates. Updated 12 January 2018 from original post 9 October 2015. On the 8 October 2015 the European Parliament voted to pass the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) PSD2. On 13 January 2018, the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) officially came into force across Europe. PSD2 followed on from PSD1, which went live in 2009, and in fact replaced it in its entirety PSD2 means a windfall of short and long-term benefits to merchants including a lower cost of payment acceptance, fast and direct access to funds, and an ecosystem where fraud is minimized. PSD2 will benefit merchants by allowing them access to customer data previously only privy to financial institutions CoolROM.com's PS2 ROMs section. Browse: Top ROMs - By Letter - By Genre. Mobile optimized

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Welcome to PS2PDF. Welcome to ps2pdf.com. We are the web's premier online converter of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Our site allows you to make a PDF compatible file without loading any special software. All it takes to generate a PDF compatible file is to upload a postscript compatible file to our web site and then click on the. PSD2 ASPSP services 1.0.0. file_download Open API . 0. No votes yet. Description. This API intends to provide an interface between. Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSP) Third Party (Payment Service) Providers (TPP) TPP may act with. Challenges and advantages brought by PDS2: interview with EVRY Friday 29 November 2019 08:34 CET | Interview How is PSD2 changing the fraud landscape and what risks and opportunities do es it present

Operands of SMCOPY z/OS TSO/E User's Guide SA32-0971-00 When using the SMCOPY command, specify the following operands: FROMDATASET(dsname) or FDS SMCOPY FDS(pds1.data(mem1)) TDS(pds2.data(mem2)) NOTRANS. To copy member MEM1 of the partitioned data set PREFIX.PDS1.DATA into the sequential data set PREFIX.SEQ1.DATA,. Ny EU-lagstiftning påverkar kortbetalningar från och med september 2019. De nya reglerna ska skydda konsumenten och öka säkerheten. Direktiven kommer att påverka dig som handlare, det här behöver du veta för att vara förberedd C2JSD1600 三菱 2枚刃超硬エンドミル(セミロング刃長) ノンコート 16mm WO店,尾崎製作所(PEACOCK) [PDS-2] スタンド ピーコック PK302001 PDS2,トレリス リーフアンドバード 4枚組 IPN-7664-4P | - almostfamous.s L'evoluzione del mercato dei servizi di pagamento sta accelerando a ritmi elevati, spinta da una parte dalle continue innovazioni tecnologiche, dall'altra dagli importanti cambiamenti legislativi in atto, che stanno ridisegnando le regole del mercato.. Al fine di incrementare la competizione a livello pan-Europeo estendendone la validità anche ai soggetti non bancari e, allo stesso tempo. PSD2 en de consument. Met PSD2 kunt u nieuwe online betaal- en rekeningdiensten gaan gebruiken. Hiervoor is het nodig dat u toegang geeft tot uw betaalrekening bij uw bank aan een derde partij (een andere financiële instelling)

pds2-m非安定化dc-dcコンバータ・シリーズは、2w絶縁型モジュールのファミリーで、効率性の改善、高度な絶縁性、および優れた放熱性能を実現するよう設計されています。 これらの低電力dc-dcコンバータは、小型smtパッケージ、-40~+105°cの非常に広い動作温度範囲を特長としており、産業. The Worthington Papain Dissociation System is a set of reagents intended for use in the neural cell isolation method of Huettner and Baughman (J. Neurosci., 6, 3044, 1986).The materials are designed for convenience and simplicity and are useful to the occasional user as well as the more experienced and frequent user Politiveteran: - Jeg har aldri sett så mye ungdom som bevæpner seg i tidlig alder, som der - Groruddalen, og da særlig Stovner, og Holmlia er to tøft belastede områder. 本品は、恒久的に維持が必要な補綴材、すなわち心臓弁や合成移植片などとの接合には使用しないこと。[本品の縫合糸は吸収性であることから、恒久的に維持が必要な補綴材と人体組織、または補綴材同士の接合において、必要な接合強度を維持できないため

The Curriculum Planning Guide: Personal Development Skills Strand was first published in 2011. In 2016 the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) extended its accreditation period until 31 December 2018. The documents cover and internet resources were revised at this time; all other content remains the same An introduction to the 3D Secure 2 protocol and its benefits, and how it can prevent card-not-present fraud from occurring

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Accenture provides payments consulting services to help banks, payments providers & other players across the value chain grow and win. Learn more 3D Secure 2 messages flow between the cardholder, the 3DS Server, Directory Server (operated each card scheme), and the issuing bank. In summary, information about the transaction at hand, the cardholder's browser or mobile device, as well as the cardholder's account history with the given merchant are all collected and eventually passed on to the issuing bank PSD2 will go live from 13 th January, 2018 and will have implications for all companies in Europe that deal with payments, ranging from how to regulate the emergence of Third Party Providers (TPPs) to the need for strong customer authentication (SCA). Rapid changes in the payments sector have heralded the upgrade of PSD1

STET is proud to release the version 1.4.2 of its PSD2 API. Created accordingly to the new Payment Services Directive (PSD2), this API aims to provide a secure and easy-to-use set of services to be implemented by European ASPSPs (Account Servicing Payment Service Providers) on the server side for Letter Brussels, 5 July 2018 EDPB-84-2018 Sophie in 't Veld, Member of the European Parliament 60 rue Wiertz Brussels Belgium Dear Ms in 't veld Open Bank Project PSD2 Suite enables financial institutions to securely and rapidly comply with PSD2. The Suite is based on Open Bank Project API Platform and includes a set of tools and softwares to handle TPP Registry, API Gateway, Consent Management, Risk Engine, Multi-factor Authentication and SCA and Berlin Group specifications Further guidance is urgently needed from both EU and national regulators on how firms can reconcile the requirements under PSD2 and GDPR, both in the interim period and thereafter. With GDPR introducing a new maximum monetary penalty of 4% of annual global turnover for breaches, the continued lack of such guidance may lead some banks to give GDPR compliance greater priority over PSD2 Two-dimensional (2D) transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), most notably, MoS2 and WS2, have attracted significant attention due to their sizable and direct bandgap characteristics. Although.

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buste! PSD2 EXPLAINED Why was the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) created? The PSD was adopted in 2007. It created a single market for payments (essentially credit transfers, direct debits, cards) in the European Union. It provided the legal foundation for a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) www.facedojang.ne PDS2-S24-S12-M-TR CUI Inc. Isolated DC/DC Converters 2W 24V to 12V 167mA datasheet, inventory & pricing

Was steckt hinter den neuen Regeln? Die Europäische Union hat eine neue Richtlinie für Zahlungsdienste beschlossen - auf Englisch Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2).Die Richtlinie soll zum einen das Bezahlen und Bankgeschäfte insgesamt sicherer machen.Zum anderen soll sie für mehr Konkurrenz zwischen Banken und Anbietern von Finanz-Apps sorgen Norges mest fornøyde bankkunder 19 år på rad. Enkel nettbank, gebyrfrie tjenester og tilgjengelig kundeservice. Du kan ringe oss på 55 26 00 00 eller snakke med oss på chat når du er innlogget Plant gene editing is typically performed by delivering reagents such as Cas9 and single guide RNAs to explants in culture. Edited cells are then induced to differentiate into whole plants by. The PDS files that are used by this software contain references to audio and video files that have been edited with the software. These files commonly contain menu settings and information regarding transitions and effects for the associated video file. The Pldasm programming language also uses the .pds file suffix CheBanca! è la banca del Gruppo Mediobanca dedicata al risparmio e agli investimenti., con un approccio multicanale capace di rispondere a tutte le specifiche esigenze

Currently, PDS2 regulation will be enforced in the UK, regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) PSD2 introduces strict security requirements for the initiation of electronic payments in order to reduce the risk of fraud pds ® Ⅱの長期抗張力保持期間はそのままに、6種類(黄色ブドウ球菌・表皮ブドウ球菌・メチシリン耐性黄色ブドウ球菌・メチシリン耐性表皮ブドウ球菌・大腸菌・肺炎桿菌)の細菌の縫合糸上におけるコロニー形成を抑制する抗菌作用を持つモノフィラメント抗菌縫合糸です Description Activity Code Size Cat. No. Price; Papain Dissociation System Source: N/A Set of five single use vials of papain and five single use vials of DNase, 100 ml of Earle's balanced salt solution (EBSS), and an inhibitor vial for use in the tissue dissociation method of Huettner, J.E., and Baughman, R.W.: J. Neuroscience, 6, 3044 (1986). Use tested by Worthington using new-born rat pup. 手術ではいろいろな縫合糸を使うかと思いますが、その縫合糸がどんなものか、そしてどういうときに使用するのかきちんと理解して使っていますか?僕はずっと縫合糸の種類についてきちんと理解できていませんでした。今回、「縫合糸の種類」と「使い分け」について紹介していきます COVID-19 Update: American Express Global Network Services (AEGNS) recognizes that this is a unique and challenging time for many of our partners, and that the situation is rapidly evolving. For information about AEGNS policy changes, our Network partners are encouraged to log in to Knowledge Base and visit the COVID- 19 Urgent Bulletins page, which will be updated on an ongoing basis


scope of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 15 Release 50 May 2020 www.handbook.fca.org.uk PERG 15/3 be relevant to those agents of the above businesses which provide payment services. Generally speaking, depending on the nature and size of its activities, a business to which the PSRs 2017 apply (other than a credit institution, a Please wait while loading Product Catalo 1 / 2 Product Data Sheet DEHYTON® PK 45 Labeling information INCI name(s) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (EU) Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CTFA) Registrations Ingredient CASR-No. EINECS/ELINCS-No

縫合糸 製品情報 エチコン ジョンソン・エンド・ジョンソン株式会社 メディカル カンパニ

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) applies from 14 September 2019. To use your Online Banking Services you'll need to have SCA set up. We'll help you do this by guiding you through the simple steps you need to take on your internet or mobile banking screens Offer PDS2-S5-S15-M-TR CUI Inc. from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited.DC DC Converters DC/DC CONVERTER 15V 2

„PSD2-Richtlinie: Was sich beim Banking ändert - FOCUS Onlin

Clubnet. Login. Sign In to your Clubnet account. Remember me Show Password Login. Updates 1 Latest Update March 16th 2020 (v3.3.5) Change Log 2 PDS2 Compliant. Nieuwe mogelijkheden met PSD

美人過ぎる作家まとめ - NAVER まとめもともと女性が主役の日だった?「端午の節句」の意外な始まり - NAVER まとめなんでこんなにかわいいの!?【小ペンギン画像】 - NAVER まとめ【2015全国版】究極のB級スポット「秘宝館」現存するうちに一度は行っておきたい - NAVER まとめ
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